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The wonderful thing about living on a fishing boat in Alaska is the fabulous fresh seafood. On the flip side the choice of vegetables can be awful. Food arrives by barge and sometimes is not worth purchasing to begin with. I've bought milk and chicken and gotten it safely into the ice chest only to find next day, miles away at sea that it is bad.

Vegetables must be carefully selected and I've learned to make the most of the durable varieties

Shredded green cabbage
1 Grated carrot
1 grated apple
minced onion
handful raisins
Large spoonful mayo
1/2 teaspoon sugar
splash or two apple cider vinegar

This is great served with fried halibut and rice.

GREEK SALAD 1/3 sliced cucumber
1/3 sliced green pepper
some sliced red onion into thin rings
1 tomato chopped
handful black or greek olives
1/3 block feta cheese

Drizzle olive oil and apple cider vinegar over. Sprinkle dried basil or oregano over top.

We love to eat this with barbqued sockeye and baked potatoes

FETA VEGETABLE SALAD Broccoli floretts
grated carrot
red onion chopped fine
red cabbage sliced thin
green cabbage sliced thin
1/3 block feta cheese
handful sunflower seeds
handful raisins

Drizzle olive oil and apple cider vinegar over.

Toss and serve with barbqued coho.