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- Curried Salmon
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- Salmon

- Salmon Caviar
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- Canned Salmon
- Boat Salads
- Brown Bread
- Tartar Sauce
- Herb Glaze

Curried Salmon over Rice or Pasta

Make a white sauce with:
— 1/2 cube butter
— 2-3 heaping tablespoons flour.

In double boiler melt butter, add flour, stir. Add milk, whisking in as it thickens. Add two or more cups milk slowly in this way until you have a medium thick sauce.

Add curry. As much as you like. Start with one teaspoon.

Add fish.

  • Rinse a fillet in cold water and pat dry with a paper towel. Remove any pin bones. Fillet off skin. Cube. Slide into sauce and simmer until done. It wont take long.
  • Or, if you are using canned fish use one pint sockeye, coho or king. Use it all: the juice, the skin, the bones as well as the fish. Break up gently so you have some large chunks as well as small. A pint of home canned salmon contains 1/2 teaspoon salt so your sauce will not necessarily need any more.

If the sauce is too thick thin with more milk. For a lighter sauce thin with water.

Serve over rice or pasta. This meal tastes good with steamed broccoli.