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Canned Salmon

Prepare jars and canner: Examine and clean canner. Examine jars for nicks in rim and wash and drain. Place lids in pot of water and boil one minute.

Prepare and fill jars: Canned salmon is usually prepared using whole fish, as the bones are usable calcium once pressure cooked. Wash cleaned fish. If canning from previously blastfrozen glazed fish, allow to thaw overnight in refrigerator then finish thawing in sink full of cold water. Begin by slicing across backbone behind dorsal fin. Set collar aside to trim out usable meat. Cut across backbone and body to make jar length pieces. Cut belly off to use in other jars. Fill jars to within one inch of top. Take bits and pieces and skin and bone them to fill in any gaps in jars. Note: skinning and boning all fish removes usable bones and valuable omega three fats. It is best to can your fish with skin and bones in.

Rinse full jars so rims are free of slime and debris. Put 1/2 scant teaspoon salt for pints and 1/4 scant teaspoon salt for 1/2 pints. Put on lids and rings and screw down until firm but not over tight.

Pressure cook: Place jars in canner and follow directions on canner. There are several kinds of pressure cookers and directions come with them. After cooking time has elapsed turn off stove and allow pressure to entirely decrease without disturbing canner. When pressure is all the way down, only then may the lid be removed. Remove the jars with a jar removing utensil and allow to cool entirely on kitchen counter. Do not retighten lids. Once cool and sealed remove the ring and wash in soapy water. Dry, date, and store in cool place. Use within two years.

WARNING: Causing pressure to reduce too quickly can result in jar breakage.

We love to eat canned salmon right from the jar. Sometimes we make open faced sandwiches using fresh bread, mayo, sliced onion, and sliced dill pickle and assemble them on the table accompaning soup.

Another delicious way to use canned salmon is to put it into a curried sauce and serve it over rice or pasta.