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- Fried
- Baked
- Barbequed
- Broiled
- Poached
- Curried Salmon
- Curry Stirfry
- Thai Salmon
- Salmon

- Salmon Caviar
- Pickled Salmon
- Canned Salmon
- Boat Salads
- Brown Bread
- Tartar Sauce
- Herb Glaze

Bar B Qued Salmon:

  • Thaw fillet in refrigerator overnight or in the sink in cold water for30-45 minutes.
  • Rinse and season with salt and pepper.
  • Prepare coals. Coals should burn for about 45 minutes before fish goes on so potatoes can be put in oven right after coals are on. For white rice water should be boiling and rice added just before the fish goes on.
  • Mince or chop several large cloves of garlic. Steep in a dollop of butter till fork tender and set aside.
  • Lay fish on grill skin side down, cover but leave vents open.
  • After 5 minutes spoon butter and garlic over fish. Cover and allow smoke generated by butter to permeate fish.
  • After 5 more minutes check for doneness. Slide a knife into the thickestpart of fish and when color is just changed it is done. DO NOT OVER COOK.

Tips on preparing coals: Build a pile of coals only enough to form a layer one coal deep the shape of the fillet. For a half fillet you may only need 10-12 coals. Heap into a pile and light. Match Light Coals will take much less time to become ready. Conventional coals will take about 45 minutes to become completely gray. When ready spread out coals one layer deep in shape of fillet. Lay fillet directly on grill skin side down and follow barbecuing instructions.