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Blast freezing stops the aging of a fish instantly. At Desire Fish we blast freeze on racks to —25º Farenheit. We then glaze by hand dipping each fish twice in an ice water solution containing salt and soluble corn syrup. Salt softens the glaze keeping chipping from occuring. The soluble corn syrup adds viscosity for better adherence. The result is a completely protected fish.

We hold our product at —14ºF until we have a full load then the fish are barged to Seattle and trucked to Bellingham Cold Storage where they are held at —18ºF. Your fish does not regain its natural aging til you thaw it and fillet or place it whole on a bed of ice for your customers. Blast freezing and glazing have been proven to be the best method for preserving fish whole for shipping. It extends the shelf life and permits the user to thaw only as much as is needed.

Wild Alaskan Salmon can only be obtained fresh during its months of harvest. The remoteness of the resource to its markets make the purchasing of premium quality blast frozen and glazed product the smartest choice for you and your customers.